A positive attitude is essential when the stresses in life start to take their toll. If you’re sick, changing jobs or moving, starting a new school or a new relationship, a positive attitude can help enhance your self-confidence and self-esteem. You can perform positive thinking or attitude exercises on a daily basis until they become a lifestyle for you, helping you overcome not only stress, but anxiety and self-doubts as well.


Concentrate on only using positive words when speaking, suggests RN Central. For example, banish the words, “I can’t” from your vocabulary. Even if you’ve never tried something before or if you feel overwhelmed by work, school or relationship expectations, think positively and avoid negative feelings and doubts that can hinder your forward progress. When you get up in the morning, tell yourself that you can, and will, get that assignment done, or that load of work off your desk. Repeat the words on your way to work or school and believe what you’re saying. Psych yourself up to feel energetic and positive toward the day’s obligations.

If you’ve made a mistake, and who hasn’t, try to learn something from it. Think about what happened, why it went wrong and then forgive yourself for making the mistake. Feeling sorry for yourself, punishing yourself with guilt or regrets won’t take away the mistake, so try to look for the silver lining and learn from the experience. If you have a regret or have made a mistake, write down what it was, how you feel about it and ideas to learn something or improve because of it. Keep the paper in your pocket or on the bathroom mirror and really analyze your thoughts and feelings about it.


At work, home or school, visualize your success. If you’re working toward a promotion, actually visualize yourself getting called into the manager’s office for a promotion and pay raise. At school, picture yourself in the school play or walking down the aisle in your cap and gown. Put your mind where you want to be, either one day a time or months in the future.


Find words of inspiration that you can relate to. Whether you read Shakespeare or find a good slogan from television, read or find something inspiring every day, suggests author Remez Sasson, creator of positive-thinking website Success Consciousness. Watch television or movies that inspire you to better yourself and overcome difficulties. Write some verses from the Bible or other religious tome, a phrase from a movie or a book and tape it to your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror or onto your dashboard so you can see them every day.


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